9-year-old critically injured in house fire taken off life support

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A mother and her children were badly hurt in a house fire.

Now the 9-year-old boy, O.J., who was injured in the blaze, has been taken off life support and his organs are being harvested for donation. His younger brother and mother are still in the hospital.

"They need all the love and support they lost everything," said Yoletta Hall, a cousin of the victims.

Two brothers and their mom seriously hurt in a Detroit house fire Wednesday. 

"I hold onto the memories we have of him because his intelligence exceeded 10 years old and 10 is what he would have been on Sunday," Hall said.

Just shy of his 10th birthday, O.J.'s mother Jasmine Cosby made the decision to take him off life support. His internal injuries from smoke inhalation were too severe.  

"Wherever there was family, there was O.J., his love was present," said Hall.

Jasmine and her two sons O.J. and Jayden were sleeping when their house near Schoolcraft and Grand River caught fire. Investigators say it appears to be caused by an electrical issue. 

The family owned the home but did not have insurance at the time of the fire.

"Not only did she lose everything, but to lose your son also," Hall said.

Jayden, 7, is still in intensive care. Family gathered at Detroit Children's Hospital of Michigan praying for his recovery. 

"He's been burned I think they said, on 80 percent of his body," said Hall. "Right now he is in so much pain, they are keeping him heavily sedated."

Jasmine is by her son's side, with serious burns to her own face, but she will be okay. It was Jasmine who wanted to donate her oldest son's organs to help other kids. 

"Because of this tragedy O.J.'s organs will help six other children live on," Hall said.

There is a Go Fund Me page set up to help pay from funeral costs for O.J. - and any medical expenses. CLICK HERE.