9-year-old Detroit boy shoots self in hand, mother in custody

Detroit police are putting gun owners on notice after a little boy found a gun in his mom's purse and shot himself last weekend.

"These kids are in shock. So was their mother. She wasn't expecting that," said Marcellus Green.

Green, the father of SheColby Green, is fighting to defend his daughter's name.

The 29 -year-old mother is facing child abuse and felony firearm charges.

Last weekend, her 9-year-old son Damon went into Green's purse, pulled out her gun and shot himself in the hand at their home on John C. Lodge Service Drive.

Marcellus said his daughter was fixing breakfest when her son misbehaved, and she sent him to his room.

"She didn't send him to her room, she sent him to his room," Marcellus said.

The mother is a licensed CPL holder, and she's been in custody at the Wayne County Jail.

Her father says the charges are too severe.

"She understands and I understand that in some kind of way you're going to be reprimanded behind this, but to the extreme?" Marcellus said.

Fox 2 put in a call to Detroit police on Friday and the spokesperson acknowledges that Green doesn't have a criminal record and this appears to have been an honest mistake.

But right now, those charges are in the hands of the Wayne County prosecutor.

The assistant prosecutor says the charges are based on the facts and evidence, and they fit similar cases.

Since SheColby Green was recently charged, the office cannot comment on any kind of plea deal or resolution at this time.

"Take a look behind the scene and see what's going on behind the scene," Marcellus said.

The 9-year-old suffered two broken bones in his hand, but grandfather wants to make it clear the boy was never in critical condition.

"The child was treated and released the same day," Marcellus said.

Marcellus is concerned about his daughter who will have to piece her life back together even if she is spared time behind bars.

"This young woman lost her job, her house, she has a car. They fired her from her job. How can she take care of herself?" he said.

At this time, the 9-year-old and his siblings are staying with their father.