9-year-old fashion designer with custom Barbie clothes catches the eye of the toy maker

A 9-year-old Macomb County girl realizing her dream of becoming a fashion designer caught the eye of the company behind Barbie as she constructs her very own, handmade doll clothing.

Using socks and scissors and sparkles and bows, Neveah makes her own clothes for her many Barbie dolls. The future fashion designer went viral in November when her mom posted some of the dresses she makes on Facebook.

"So many people shared, liked and sent Neveah a lot of encouraging words," said Sha'kvia Woods.

The post was shared 9,000 times and while Neveah worked away with her hot glue gun, her mom heard from someone at Mattel. The post had made it all the way to Barbie.

Before long, little Neveah had a box full of Barbies - so many different dolls. including the You Can Be Anything Barbie, as well as a sweet note from Barbie's social team.

"We heard you love designing clothes. Here's a couple new additions to add to your collection. Always remember you can be anything. XOXO The Barbie Social Team," Neveah said, reading the note the Barbie team had sent her. 

You can find more of what she's creating on her YouTube page at SaSha Sew Amazing. If you want a hint on what she's planning on doing next, it's hidden smack in the middle of her online persona's name.

"I really want to learn to sew," she said.

Because she really wants to be a fashion designer, not only for Barbies but for real people someday too.

"And make really big beautiful dresses," she said.

Neveah could do it. Like the note said, always remember - you can be anything.

"I'm so excited, I'm so happy for her. Proud- just happy she can be an inspiration to many people young and old," her mother said. "Just follow your dreams and do what you like to do."