90-year-old Detroit woman living without heat gets help

A 90-year-old Detroit woman was left in the freezing cold. Her house had no heat and no hot water - but now she has help.

Laura McCrory was overjoyed when FOX 2 saw her at her home Friday. Not only is she getting the help she needs, she's getting back in touch with family.

"I'm so grateful, by the grace of God, the ball is rolling," she said.

FOX 2 first introduced you to Ms. McCrory earlier this week. A botched repair job on her boiler forced her to warm her home with an oven. Several people clamored for a chance to help her.

The Heat and Warmth Fund is leading the charge - mobilizing partners and vowing themselves to cover the cost of a new boiler and hot water tank.

And members of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers made some much needed repairs at her home Friday morning. And there's more to come.

"The next steps would be cleaning out the basement, the furnace, the water heater so there's a multitude of things that will be happening," said Deloris Cortez, THAW fund. "We were able to secure, after the mold testing, we were able to secure someone to clean the basement, secure a plumber to replace the boiler, to replace the hot water tank, to replace the roof."

"There are so many things that have gone wrong that I hadn't even mentioned and I prayed for heat," Ms. McCrory said. "And I got so much more than heat and I thank God."

Among them, a reconnection with family.

"When I first saw it, a Facebook friend shared it and I saw the picture and I had to scroll back like that's my aunt," said Meghan Carr.

Meghan Carr is Ms. McCrory's great niece.  She lost contact with her after her grandparents and other relatives died several years ago.

"Sometimes family goes in different ways, you get tied up with work, school and you lose touch," Carr said. "I feel good that I got back in touch with my Auntie Laura."

"It's a blessing from God that I was on channel 2 because I got a chance to see my relatives, my nieces," McCrory said. "My niece is here now."

"I think what's more gratifying is not only were we able to assist with so many different partners," Cortez said. "But we brought a family back together again and that's what's really important."

None of it would've happened without Kehly Matthews, the social worker who told us about Ms. McCrory's situation.

"I'm just really surprised it happened so quickly that there are so many people wanting to help," she said.

And she's thankful they are. But not nearly as much as Ms. McCrory.

"By the grace of God I've been getting help and I would like to thank everybody that's giving me help," she said. "God is a good God. It's awesome to know that you're getting the help that you need."

The THAW fund is also assisting Ms. McCrory with her electric gas and water bills. Many viewers reached out wanting to help out. You can do so by reaching out to the THAW fund.

If you’re interested in helping Laura McCrory, please contact the THAW Fund at nkilleen@thawfund.org and Kehly Matthews at syrkett25@gmail.com.

You can also donate to Laura McCrory at any Chase Bank branch. Your deposit will go directly into her account. Just inform the teller you want to make a deposit into Laura McCrory’s account. 

YOU CANNOT DEPOSIT CASH. Be sure to use a check, cashier’s check money order or debit card.  If you or someone you know needs help with utilities, please visit thawfund.org, or call THAW at 800-866-THAW (8429).