911 operator answers mom's call for help

A 911 operator put her emotions aside recently when her mother called for help.

Last month Mallory Ransom sent Dalworthington Gardens police to a home where her mother was being held at gunpoint.

“I always feel sympathy and heartache for them because they’re going through one of the worst days of their life. But it’s magnified when it’s somebody you know, especially your mom,” she said.

Police said Debra Ransom was shot in the face by her fiancé Donald Graves. Graves then shot himself.

Ransom’s daughter heard the gunshots on the call.

“Her voice was getting weaker and she kept basically telling me goodbye. She was telling me that she loved me and she was sorry and goodbye,” her daughter said.

Ransom said she did what she was trained to do.

“I had to. She was going to get taken out of that house and everybody at the scene was going to be safe because that’s my job,” she said.

About 25 minutes into the call she was finally able to leave her post. She broke down as she drove to the scene.

“I was sobbing the entire way. It gave me that outlet to get all of my emotions I was holding back in dispatch out,” she said.

It’s been a long recovery for Ransom’s mother, who is still hospitalized in rehabilitation. She and her mother have always been close, but never so much as the day she answered her mother’s call for help.

“We can only say God had a hand in that because it came directly to me,” she said.

Graves is behind bars charged with aggravated assault.