92-year-old is given new roof on her home thanks to Renew Detroit program

A home repair program in Detroit specifically works to help those with disabilities and the elderly.

"The roof was leaking and I was wondering what I was going to do, they cost so much," said Heloyse Moore.

"The leak was on the bottom, the sloping down part," said Ronald Moore, her son. "Therefore the plaster (inside) was starting to crack."

And as the leak continued, Heloyse Moore believed costly repair work might force her to move from the place she’s called home for six decades.

"I wanted to stay in my house I didn’t want to have to move," she said. "I’ve been here 60-some years and I’m just blessed."

The Renew Detroit program provided the help Moore needed, and an opportunity to spend her golden years without stressing over financing a costly repair.

"Renew Detroit is an essential home repair program in the City of Detroit specifically targeting senior citizens and disabled residents who are in need of a major roof replacement," said Darlene Cato, director of the program.

Moore’s two sons helped her apply and she qualified for the program, funded by the American Rescue Plan Act - allowing participants to not have to pay a dime.

"I don’t know what I would have done if it had not been for this program," Heloyse said.

"The process went real simple. Any questions we had, they answered them right away, any concerns they took care of," said her son Wilson Moore. "And when they came out to do the work, they were on time they didn’t disrupt her life at all."

On Monday FOX 2 cameras found this house getting much-needed TLC thanks to Renew Detroit.

"At this time we are at capacity," Cato said. "We have done all of our 2,000 homeowners that will be receiving repairs. We look forward to completing our mission of construction over the next couple of years."

Not only does the program help Moore stay in her home, it also increases its value.

"Putting a new roof on not only increases value but the quality of residing in it,":

Moore says she’s grateful and looks forward to celebrating her upcoming birthday in her home.

"I’m 92 years old, I’ll be 93 (on) November the 30th," she said.

But for now she wants to say thank you to Mayor Mike Duggan and the City of Detroit.

"I would like to say thank you and don’t leave us," she said. "We need you, he's done a lot for Detroit."

Heloyse Moore

Heloyse Moore