'A family man' WWJ anchor killed, his girlfriend & 2 kids injured in Chesterfield attack

WWJ 950 journalist Jim Matthews was killed and his girlfriend and their two kids were hurt in what police are calling a murder and attempted suicide that happened midday Friday.

"He was very passionate about his kids, took care of his kids, a family man, he was just an awesome person," said Joseph Nicolai, Jim's brother. 

Police say they were called to the home on Bayview Drive off Hooker Road around noon after the attack took place. Officers say Matthews’ girlfriend, a 35-year-old woman, escaped the horrifying scene with their 5-year-old daughter. The woman flagged down a passing driver who called 911.

Investigators say the woman had been stabbed multiple times. The little girl was also hurt, and their 10-year-old boy was found tied up in a closet with head trauma. The woman and boy are in critical condition, and the girl was hospitalized in stable condition as of Saturday evening. 

"Just the children, my god, the children, scarred for life," said Joseph.

Authorities say they found the 54-year-old male suspect in the basement, overdosing on heroin and suffering from self-inflicted wounds.  He was brought back with Narcan and is hospitalized in stable condition. 

"I have no idea why he was there or what he was doing there or what business he had there," Joseph said.

Police say the suspect was frequently at the home and was known to the family.

The news hitting close to home for WWJ NewsRadio 950 anchor Jackie Paige and her colleagues while live on air…

"We are updating our top story this afternoon. It’s very difficult to report. Our overnight news anchor Jim Matthews was killed this afternoon in Chesterfield Township."

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His colleagues fought through their emotions as they remembered Matthews on air.

" He would often talk to co-workers about his children and their adventures at school," Paige said during an on-air tribute. "He was a consumate professional and was dedicated to WWJ and the broadcasting industry. He loved delivering the latest news to his listeners every night.

The aunt of the children has started a GoFundMe to help raise money for them. 

"I wasn't going to make a GoFundMe, but it was recommended. Anything that is donated is going to these two kids. They have been through so much, and I feel like the least I can do is create something that helps them adapt to what comes after this tragedy," said Ashley, the aunt of the children.

You can donate by clicking HERE.