A Taylor home burned down, leaving a family of seven with nothing

A few toys and a couple of bikes were scattered across the front lawn.

That's what's left after a fire torched a Taylor home on Oldham Road, where a family of seven was renting.

"It hurts. My kids don't have something to call their home," said Stephani Snapp. "They don't have anything."

Snapp, a 28-year-old mother of five, had spent some of the last five years fixing up the house with her husband. Currently renters, they had ambitions of one day owning the home. And then on Monday, those hopes burned down.

Snapp's brother, who had fallen asleep on the couch woke up when he felt heat against his back. That's when he ran around the house waking the rest of the family.

"My brother opened up the front door so the flames would come towards the front, not towards the back where everybody was sleeping, and then he ran through the flames to help get my sons out," said Snapp.

While her family, two dogs and a cat made it out alive, not everything was as fortunate. Their other cat, who had been giving birth to kittens, didn't make it. Firefighters were only able to save two of its kittens.

Snapp said her children were "devastated" by the loss. Of what is still left to salvage, the family was able to save their car -with the help of a neighbor.

"My van would've caught on fire if it wasn't for them grabbing my keys off the table," she said.

The family had installed new appliances and bunk beds. Unfortunately, the family didn't own renters insurance. Now they're living with neighbors and relatives. They get food from a nearby church and toiletries from other neighbors. 

"We just redid the whole home, now everything we own is gone," she said. "My kids have nothing."

A family member has created a GoFundMe page. You can visit it here.