Abel Pressley's family pleads for help as 5-year-old battles numerous health issues

During Abel Pressley's 5 years since being born, he's made over 200 trips to the hospital. 

The sweet boy only weighs 28 pounds and has been battling medical complications and birth defects since his arrival in 2018. Born six weeks premature, he's shown determination in the face of severe health issues.

But his family is struggling to keep up with the costs of his procedures.

"He's just not growing," said Patricia Cross, Abel's grandmother. 

Cross says Abel's issues all surround growth. He's undergone dozens of surgeries and procedures. At just 7 months old, he underwent hernia surgery before going down for another procedure to close a hole in his heart. 

He also battles severe inflammation from his esophagus to his stomach. 

In the past, the family has relied on the community to help out. Entering the holiday season, Cross says the family may again need charity and hope some will be able to assist.

The only food that Abel can keep down is a high calorie formula, which comes with a hefty price tag of $30 ever other day. Neither insurance plan the family has covers his nutrition needs since it doesn't involve a feeding tube.

"We can’t make them cover it. It’s not affordable when you have a family that you’re trying to feed - especially with the economy, and everything went up and now you have another expense on top of it," said Cross.

"And then they have a multitude of medical bills that just keep piling up. And that’s amazing too when you have two insurances," she added.

The formula's manufacturer gave the family some coupons as a discount for the food, but it's not enough.


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With nowhere to turn, Abel's family hopes someone can help with the expenses as he prepares for another round of surgery. 

"I don’t know what we’re going to do, you know? There’s a lot," said Cross.

For anyone that wants to help, they can donate to the family through their Paypal here.