About 100 protest against police brutality down Van Dyke in Warren

About 100 demonstrators marching up Van Dyke Road in Warren chanting Black Lives Matter in a peaceful protest.

“This is beautiful, really beautiful," said Warren resident Rodney Sanders. "I tip my hat off to these people. As long as they don’t get violent. do this with talking, not fists. You want to throw something? Throw your words.”

Before they set off in the heat, Warren Mayor Jim Fouts and Police Commissioner Bill Dwyer came to lend support to the protest and to listen.

One protester said that there had been social media threats made leading up to the demonstration.

“There have been numerous threats that if anyone protests, they were going to run them over, shoot them, throw rocks at them," she said.

"That is outrageous, we will not tolerate that," Fouts said, while Dwyer added, "We're here to protect you."

With city leaders within ear shot, some seized the opportunity to talk to Fouts. 

Others came out for different reasons. 

“A change of heart is necessary," said Dorian Cast. "Not just marches but a country to repent for what it has done.”

And doing it with young impressionable minds who are paying attention. 

“I’m a Black boy and people are standing up for Black people and Black lives matter a lot,” said his son, Dorian Cast Jr.

From there police lights lead the way in this march against police brutality as Warren officers escorted the group. They also provided school buses for participants to get back to their cars and help beat the heat.

Police say there were no incidents and no arrests.