Accident victim puts up sign looking for justice

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A local driver is on a mission to clear his name after a car crash and he's taking matters into his own hands.

"I've gone this way hundreds if not thousands of times,"says Dave Gerhardt.

On the afternoon of Friday March 11th a simple errand ended abruptly at the corner of Woodward and 14 Mile Road.

"I turned slightly more and it was closer," said Gerhardt. "The only thing I could do was put my arms together and leaned to the right, waiting for this impact."

Dave Gerhardt says his light was green and the driver of a silver Subaru was at fault. Yet he was cited for failing to yield.
"I have been doing what I can, to get to the truth and to vindicate myself from this," says Gerhardt.

After the accident Gerhardt said he went from business to business trying to find video or witnesses.

When all else failed, he made his own sign asking for witnesses.

Gerhardt says, "I got some rebar, some poster board, so the wind wouldn't blow it and covered it with plastic."

It is a unique way to prove his innocence.

"It would be sort of foolish of me to go to this extent to find out that I was guilty, “says Gerhardt.

Confident that a potential witness would be at the same intersection again, he is hopeful they will come forward.

Gerhardt said, "If I had seen this, I would be curious if someone got killed and I would want to tell police what I saw."

After the accident he said that the other driver refused treatment while Gerhardt drove himself to get checked out. Aside from driving anxiety after the crash, he says he is in good health.