Accused bathroom peeper had 94 videos of men urinating, Woodhaven police say

The man who police said was caught recording video of another man urinating was arraigned on 50 charges of video voyeurism and using a computer to commit a crime. Police said he had almost 100 videos of men urinating.

Ryan Dustin Gaynier, 36, was arraigned Wednesday on 25 counts each of voyeurism and computer crimes after being arrested by the U.S. Marshals' fugitive apprehension team at his home in Temperance. Woodhaven police have been looking for him since December 14, 2018, when he was allegedly caught recording video of him using the restroom inside the Woodhaven Bowl-a-Rama.

That man, Justin Berry, was startled when he looked up as he was in the restroom and saw a phone.

"He had it poked up out of the corner of the stall. He just lifted it up and had it sticking out," Berry said. "He said 'it's not what you think, it's not what you think'. I said doesn't look that way bud."

He reached for the phone but couldn't get it. He said Gaynier hid in the stall and Berry blocked the door after alerting staff. All he wanted to do was get the man out.

"There were kids going in and out of the bathroom all day. My first thought was get the guy out of here," Berry said.

The bowling alley's general manager says Gaynier was not a Bowl-a-rama employee, but had been working for the attached Winning Hand Poker Room. 

"He was a poker dealer for the poker room there and he didn't leave. He went in there, so I just stayed in the bowling alley and kept an eye on him until the police showed up," Berry said.

Gaynier was removed from the building, fired, and banned from the property. Police said later, after searching his phone, they discovered about 150 videos, 94 of which were men urinating. Among those 94 were Berry, police said.

"He's a small man. He's a coward. Anyone doing something like this," Berry said.

Gaynier was released on bond and ordered to have no contact with the alleged victims. When he left court, he did not answer our questions.

He faces four years in prison and is barred from having a computer or cell phone. He's due back in court on July 9.