ACLU files lawsuit to help Chaldean ICE detainees

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Dozens of immigrants from Iraq are still in federal custody and facing deportation after being arrested over the weekend.

Now the Anti-Defamation League and the ACLU are joining forces to help the detainees. While they sit in a correctional facility in Ohio awaiting deportation, FOX 2 has learned the ACLU is filing a lawsuit.

"We are very thankful they have stepped up and filed this lawsuit on behalf of these detainees," said Heidi Budaj from the Anti-Defamation League.

They were rounded up by ICE agents on Sunday, dozens of metro Detroit Chaldean immigrants were taken to the Immigration Enforcement Center before being loaded on a bus and taken away.

"I think we need to recognize this runs counter to the values on which our great country was founded," said Budaj.  "It is very detrimental to our society at large because of the fear it strikes fear in all immigrants."

The Christian Iraqis, many of whom have criminal records dating back decades, could be deported back to Iraq any day now. A country they fled because they were persecuted for their religious faith.

People and organizations are doing whatever they can to help those in crisis.

"The ADL is honored to join a coalition of like-minded organizations across the state and in the metro area who are banding together to support the Chaldean community," Budaj said.

And Budaj says the amount of support is overwhelming.

"The sheer numbers of people who are speaking out, the gravitas of the organizations that have come together, all create a strong voice that I believe will be listened to," Budaj said. "Hopefully not only by our government and also be heard in our courts."