Activists: DPD officer who beat mentally ill woman shouldn't be cop

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An assault captured on video Detroit police Cpl. Dewayne Jones of a hospital patient last summer has activists saying he should lose his badge.

Jones was found guilty of misdemeanor assault and battery last month for throwing more than a dozen punches at a naked, mentally ill woman at Detroit Receiving Hospital, by a jury.

Jones initially faced felony charges, but Judge Cylenthia Miller dismissed those charges earlier this year, saying the woman was out of control biting and spitting on hospital staff and officers.

City activists, including the founder of Detroit residents advancing civilian oversight Scotty Boman gathered outside 36th District Court Tuesday, protesting that Jones is still on the force.

"You're here to serve and protect, not beat the suspect," said one protester.


VIDEO: Detroit Police Officer punches naked woman inside Detroit Receiving Hospital

 Detroit police officer prepares for trial for punching naked woman at Detroit Receiving Hospital

Body camera video shown in court of cop assaulting mentally ill woman

"It's not safe having a man out there on duty as a police officer who has been convicted of assault," Bowman said. "It doesn't make sense. People have been dismissed for less than this."

Detroit Police Chief James Craig launched an internal investigation and asked the board of police commissioners to suspend Jones an 18-year veteran with the force without pay.

"I think this thing stinks on so many levels," said Eric Blount, minister, Sacred Heart Catholic Church. "Let the jury decide if he's guilty of a felony or not."

Board of Police Commissioners members supported Jones' actions.

"He used hard hand, it's what everybody else here would have done," said a police officer during public comment at a board of commissioners meeting last year. "And it is what I would have done."

The board voted down Chief Craig's request despite some objections.

"In this particular situation we got it wrong and I want to say it loud and clear," said Willie Bell, chairman of the board of commissioners. "We are not happy with it, I'm not happy with it."

Jones will be sentenced Wednesday morning, facing up to 93 days in jail and a $500 fine. But activists say he deserves to be in a jail cell.
"The one thing I don't want to see happen is that he be handed a fine for this violent crime and sent on his way and go back to work with the police department," Bowman said.

The police department's internal investigation of Jones is still pending. FOX 2 is told Tuesday that Jones is on restricted duty, has no gun status, and is not on patrol. 

We are told that the internal investigation is wrapping up and administrative charges are expected Wednesday.