Activists want black-owned biz to replace Kid Rock's at LCA; artist to go where he's 'celebrated' not 'tolerated'

Community activists gathered Tuesday, demanding Little Caesars Arena replace Kid Rock's outgoing restaurant with a black-owned business.

"With a city that's 80 percent African-American, we do believe that we should have a black-owned restaurant at LCA," said Rev. Charles Williams. 

Community activists gathered Tuesday demanding that Little Caesars Arena, operated by Olympia Entertainment, which is owned by the Ilitch Family, make changes after Kid Rock decided he would not renew the lease for his restaurant.

"This whole dialogue about his rent going up -- they called him and told him he's done," said Williams, National Action Network. "We say good riddance to Kid Rock and we welcome a restaurant that will be the truest taste of what Detroit looks like." 

The move for Kid Rock to not renew his lease, which ends in April, comes after he made derogatory comments about high-profile women, including Oprah Winfrey.

"She does not deserve some lowlife, racist, punk rock star making comments about her," he said.

Ilitch Holdings issued a statement to Fox 2 regarding Kid Rock's restaurant: "We look forward to bringing on an exciting new concept that aligns with our community and company values."

Today's activists not only demanding that it be minority-owned, but that the restaurant receives affordable rent, adding their demands are about more than a restaurant. 

"The Ilitches have broken promise after promise to the city of Detroit and gotten away with it," said activist Sam Riddle. "Whether it's tearing down buildings to make parking spaces, whether it's not building affordable housing." 

FOX 2 reached out to Ilitch Holdings about these demands, and we are still awaiting a response 

As for Kid Rock, he's making his voice heard through online posts telling his followers that all the controversy "is a catalyst for songwriting and a tour in 2021" and the post where he writes that he sees "the millions he pumped into this town is not enough and that he'll let the NAN network take the wheel for now."

"As to Kid Rock, who recommended that the National Action Network can take over," Williams said, "we've been here."

Riddle added, "Kid Rock has a black baby - well so did Thomas Jefferson."

Below read Kid Rock's responses - be advised that explicit language is used.