Adoption day lets families give thanks as they become official

The theme of “Adoption Day" in Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties means giving thanks for families.  

It is the day when children formally become part of a family.

"When we were up there I was excited but also a little bit nervous," said Amari Anne Patterson, who was adopted by a family.

Who wouldn't be nervous. The Supreme Court designated Tuesday, November 26 as adoption day celebrated in courts across the state.

"We were all excited for today and finally our puzzle is complete," said Jennifer Patterson, a mother adopting a child. "And we are so excited that Amari is officially Amari Patterson."

Adoption Day has become a tradition, highlighting the importance of adoption and the needs of children in foster care. Or, like this family - which formally adopted their four grandchildren after the parents' rights were terminated.

"I can tell you we were retired, came out of retirement, took our grandkids and we've always been hands-on with them since the day they were born," said Delia Onofrey.  "We didn't want them to split up. They've been with us and we are one big happy family now.

Usually adoptions are private but they are open to the public today with consent of the parties. 

"I got to witness Russell when he first came into care and within the last year, and I have seen him grow so much since he has been placed with them. He is absolutely thriving and I could not pick a better family for him," said a placement counselor about the Scott family. 

Tuesday was the celebration but the families have gone through a lengthy process to make sure that will be suitable parents. 

The Supreme Court wants to encourage anybody that is interested in adopting- to educate themselves about the process.