After another violent weekend, Detroit chief promises crackdown

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This weekend was another violent one for the city of Detroit as  nearly two dozen shootings were reported.

People living in the city don't feel safe on their own streets. Adriona Glen is 17 and has already lost several friends to violence.

"I think it's really bad and sad out here. That's why my mom don't let me out half the time," Glen said. "I have lost five (friends) this year."

Glen isn't alone. On Sunday, three teenagers were shot on Detroit's Mendota Street. Before that, two others were shot on Roselawn near Outer Drive on Saturday while three others were shot outside of a liquor store on Wyoming near Schoolcraft.

In total, Detroit Police Chief James Craig said there were a total of 21 non-fatal shootings, five fatal, and one fatal stabbing. He said several of them are gang-related.

"We know that three to possibly four of the shooting incidents may be related to gang activity," Craig said. "It just brings it home that our work continues."

Police are pushing for new crime-fighting plans to crack down on the violence. As Detroiters seem to resort to gun violence to pull out guns, Mayor Mike Duggan promises his the police will respond and remedy the problem.

"The violence in this city is not tolerable," Duggan said. "We are going to expand on several fronts and do it aggressively."

Craig discussed ways to combat the violent crime at the McDonald's on Grand River - the latest Project Green Light station in the city. The system captures high definition surveillance video in real time for officers to monitor and respond in a timely manner.

The police department is working vigorously to expand the program and says Green Light stores, restaurants, and gas stations have seen crime drop 52 percent.

"I think the Green Light program is a great strategy, like Cease Fire," Craig said, referencing the project that aims to target crime at its source. It's been used in other major cities like Chicago.

Craig said crime is down but it will take some time before the city recovers.

"Is this going to turn overnight? No It can't turn overnight," Craig said. "We're going to continue to drive this crime down. Detroit truly will be one of the Safest cities in America. I believe it."