After local church's van stolen and totaled, two more donated less than a week later

Until recently, you'd see the Harvest Time Christian Fellowship make food deliveries in a van decked out in pizza decals.

For the less fortunate and needy, seeing the van round the corner meant sustenance.

But then on Sunday, that van was allegedly stolen by 29-year-old Frankie Calloway who later totaled the vehicle.

"It's messed up that somebody could do that. Take the church van? It's crazy," said Marty Hermiz, of Platinum Automotive.

Transportation that moves 25,000 pounds of food to 400 families a month gone in an instant. The church, left without funds for a new van would be left without a way to deliver that food.

"It was devastating to know that something we used to help needy people and poor people was just ripped out from the church parking lot," said Church Pastor Curtiss Ostosh.

But as the Lord taketh, he also giveth - and boy did he giveth, and in five days no less.

"I saw the story and I was floored by how somebody could do the pastor like that," said Billy Makres, of Platinum Automotive. "It knocked me off my chair."

Platinum Automotive of 10 Mile and Schoenherr Road decided to donate an all-white work van. The title was officially signed over on Friday. And they threw in $500 work of maintenance just for kicks.

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"It's just awesome. In the book of Proverbs it says 'He who gives to the poor, lends to God' and I truly believe that," Ostosh said with tears in his eyes. "That's what these guys have done."

But Christmas came early and it packed a punch. Because the St. Blase Parish in Sterling Heights also donated a van. And donations to the ministry continue to climb on their Gofundme page.

"It's phenomenal. To see the community step up in this way is just fantastic," said Ostosh.