After Oxford shooting, metal detectors and other security measures being discussed in schools

Last year — the threat of Covid kept students out of school. This year — it’s the threat of violence following the mass shooting at Oxford High School two weeks ago.

More than 10,000 people have signed an online petition requesting Oakland County school districts go virtual until the threats are addressed.  

FOX 2 spoke to two parents who want to keep their children in the classroom, but with additional security measures.

"I think that metal detectors go in every single school," said Rachelle Dabrowski. "I think that’s our first step to getting these kids through school this year."

"Institute individuals who could pat kids down and check backpacks — that would be excellent," said Haley Lockwood. "Kids and parents just need to feel more confident in feeling the schools are safe."

During a conversation with Novi Community School District’s assistant superintendent, FOX 2 asked if security changes, including metal detectors, are possible.

"Those conversations have happened, as everything is on the table," said Dr. RJ Webber.

Webber compared the use of metal detectors in schools to what we see at airports and sporting events.

"The expectation upon schools to search every bag, use metal detectors, what have you, is becoming a set of expectations that are frankly breaking the people that I love in this profession," he said.

A study on public school security shows nationally that most schools have controlled access to its buildings or security cameras.

Less than 30 percent do random sweeps, and only five percent use metal detectors.

A spokeswoman for Detroit Public Schools Community District says most of Detroit’s larger schools have metal detectors, but not all schools.

Superintendent Dr. Nikolai Vitti talked about security measures on the district’s podcast.

"Ultimately the best detection is a relationship that’s trusting and our eyes and ears to what our students are signaling," he said.