After self-defense ruling, woman charged with murdering ex-boyfriend again

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A woman who claims she shot her ex-boyfriend in self-defense has already had her charges dismissed once - but the prosecution is hopeful a different judge will make an alternative ruling.

Starr Holmes was bound over Thursday after a preliminary hearing in the death of her ex-boyfriend, Pap Jenkins. The two got into an argument last March outside of a Detroit gas station. She said he began attack her so she pulled her gun in self-defense and shot him in the face.

Prosecutors argued that it was not true and charged her with second degree murder.

Last spring, Judge Deborah Langston dismissed the charges a month later and ruled self-defense. 

But prosecutors appealed that ruling and Holmes was charged with second degree murder again in December. She's back in court Thursday for another preliminary hearing where she once again faces life in prison. 

Following the hearing, Langston said there is a question of fact as to whether the incident was a justifiable case of self-defense. 

"Just as I said previously, Mr. Jenkins was the aggressor. Ignored the advice of his good friend - it was good advice. The ladies had backed off. They were back in their cars. What I heard was that they came over to Mr. Jenkins car and were kicking his car, which is not a good thing to do, but they were backed off, they were back in their car. He pulled out of the gas station that was in fact sitting on Wyoming, got out of his car, approached Ms. Holmes and proceeded to assault her," she said.

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