AG Nessel agrees to review Shelby Twp police's fatal shooting in 2018

The attorney general's office is taking a second look at a Shelby Township police-involved shooting that killed a 25-year-old man who was unarmed.

Dana Nessel agreed to review the 2018 incident when Kanwarbir Malhi was shot by police officers after exiting his vehicle in a parking lot of his apartment complex. Authorities say he refused to comply with orders from police and said he had a weapon. An investigation by the Macomb County Sheriff's Office of the incident later determined Malhi was unarmed.

After the sheriff's office presented the investigation to the Macomb County prosecutor, the department declined to file charges against the officers involved.

“As Attorney General I have consistently advocated for a thorough, comprehensive and objective review of all officer-involved shootings, particularly those which result in fatalities,” Nessel said in a statement. “This matter will receive an exhaustive review and analysis with an impartial lens and, when completed, our department is committed to transparency in our decision-making process, irrespective of the outcome. Justice demands nothing less.” 

Calls for a state review of the case have grown in recent days. A combination of racial unrest across the state and country fused with controversial comments made by Shelby Township's police chief have fueled more skepticism of police departments and actions by police officers.

"My heart was devastated because it shows this man didn't have a weapon and this was under the regime of the same leader, Chief Shelide," said activist Rev. W.J. Rideout III on Tuesday.

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The incident involving Malhi began when the 25-year-old had stolen his mother's car, was using drugs, and according to investigators, said he would not be taken alive after law enforcement approached him. 

In a video, of which activists acquired and sent to FOX 2, an officer asks Malhi if he has a gun. "Let me see your hands. He says he's got a gun." 

However, the Macomb Sheriff's investigation found no evidence of any firearms in Malhi's vehicle or on his person. In a statement sent on Tuesday, Shelby Township Police said: "We had an officer involved fatal shooting in November, 2018. The matter was immediately turned over to the Macomb County Sheriff's Department for investigation. Their completed investigation was then forwarded to the Macomb County Prosecutor's Office where it was reviewed and closed without charges being issued."