Age group expands for Detroit COVID-19 vaccines; small business grants announced

As the fight rolls on to combat COVID 19 there is progress with the vaccine rollout in Detroit 

"We are expanding eligibility. The system is working," Mayor Mike Duggan said. "We started at 75 and above and now we've lowered it to 70 years old."

The expansion in age groups to get vaccines comes as the Good Neighbor Program stays in effect.

"If you are 65 or older and you take a 70-year-old old neighbor you can get your shot too," Duggan said.

Under this expansion, city workers who are not working from home can get vaccinated. Postal workers also qualify. 

"Anyone who works for postal office and lives or works in Detroit you can call starting today and we will get you in,"  Duggan said.

There's also progress with signing up to get the vaccine at the TCF Center. To schedule an appointment, call (313) 230-0505.

"On Monday we had 100,000 phone calls and you probably couldn't get through," Duggan said. "On Tuesday we had a 17-minute wait. Yesterday, a 10 minute wait time. And now, we can open this up again."

As the race to vaccinate continues, the race to save small businesses impacted by the pandemic remains front and center, said Duggan.

Small businesses in Detroit can apply for a portion of the $4 million in small business grants from Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's stimulus package. 

"Businesses from 1 to 100 employees that can demonstrate loss due to the mask and gathering order," said Kevin Johnson, Detroit Economic Growth Corporation.

Duggan said there are $15,000 and $20,000 grants available. 

"You've got to be ready to get in right away otherwise the money will go to other cities," Duggan said. 

The money can be used for expenses like rent. To learn more about the application process go HERE.