Aldi in Clawson back open despite court seizure paperwork

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An Aldi location in metro Detroit appeared to have abruptly closed overnight. 

Court seizure paperwork was taped to the front door of the Aldi location near 14 Mile and Crooks Tuesday morning in Clawson. Police had also told FOX 2 they were told the building was to remain locked until the court issue was sorted out. 

But on Tuesday morning the store opened per usual at 10 a.m.

We're told the court seizure paperwork actually had to do with a single employee at the store, who is the subject of a lawsuit in River Rouge. 

Officials at the store did not appear to be clear on that thought and closed the store out of precaution. 

Now that everything's been sorted out an Aldi official tell us the store is open and it's business as usual.