All-electric 3-D printed Shelby Cobra turns heads at auto show

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As glittering lights bathe the performance and luxury vehicles on the main floor of Cobo Center, the basement has a show-stopper of a different kind.

Crowds attending the 2015 North American International Auto Show should also see the basement displays which include a 3-D printed all-electric car in Hall E.

Designed on the classic 1960s Shelby Cobra model, the car was built by Oak Ridge National Laboratory Manufacturing Systems Research group.

The car project was completed in six weeks. The all-electric Cobra has a top speed of 75 and has a 30-mile range per charge. 

Lonnie Love, the group leader of the from the Manufacturing Systems Research group, said it has a 100-kilowatt electric motor.

The Cobra was printed using 20 percent carbon fiber reinforced ABS material and has a Class A surface finish. 

"I'm not an automotive designer and some of the designs we were coming up with were pretty bad," Love quipped. "We decided let's look at something that's already been done. 

"And the Cobra is one of the most iconic body styles out there."  

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