Almost $30K of fireworks stolen from Sterling Heights tent business

Fireworks valued in the tens of thousands of dollars worth were stolen in Sterling Heights.

"I feel awful," said Mariam Shabo.

With the Fourth of July holiday a few days away, the owners of Mar’s Fireworks were hoping their stand in Sterling Heights would do booming business.

But this week some crooks took the bang out of that business plan when they came inside the tent and stole their merchandise.

"Everything they cleaned out the whole tent," said Layan Shabo. "Snappers, fire crackers, sparklers, all the 200-gram cakes, all the 500-gram cakes, all the mortars. They cleared it out."

The owners say it happened just before 2 a.m. Wednesday morning, caught on video.

"We get notifications every time there’s motion so when I opened it up and saw someone who was not familiar, I was in complete shock," Mariam said.

"This was all sealed up and they just pulled in with a U-Haul truck next door and then reversed it, and came In through that corner over there," Layan said.

"Right away I was like we got to do something we have to call the police," Mariam said.

The suspects got away with lots of fireworks - wiping out a ton of profits for the family business.

"We counted it, and it was $25,000 worth of products they stole," Layan said. "We’re working for free. I’m not going to be able to come back from that."

"Fireworks are not something to play with, you can’t legally resell these," Mariam said.

And unfortunately, their insurance policy won’t help with this incident.

"Insurance is required by law with every location you have, but it’s only for catastrophes," she added.

The owners of the family business say they’re making changes so they won’t be victimized again.

"I’ve been really relaxed on the overnight security - I’m going to make sure that I hire a professional security company," said Layan.

Sterling Heights Police are investigating and information about the crime is being posted on Facebook in hopes of finding the crooks.

"Everything done in the dark will come to light," Mariam said. "And I hope you enjoy the show honestly."

Security camera still photto of the suspect.

Security camera still photto of the suspect.