Amid COVID plasma shortage, Red Cross partners with NFL for chance to win big game tickets

The American Red Cross is partnering with the NFL in hopes of encouraging donors to come forward this winter. 

Those who donate blood, platelet or plasma will be automatically be entered to win two tickets to the NFL's biggest game in 2022 that's taking place Los Angeles.

Especially coveted right now is plasma donations from COVID-19 survivors. 

"If a blood donor went through COVID and is a recovered patient from COVID that means you have developed antibodies to the virus," said Mary Lynn Foster, the regional CEO of American Red Cross Michigan Region. 

If you’ve had COVID, especially recently, you’ve got what's called convalescent plasma running through your veins and it could be life-saving to someone currently in the fight. 

"It just provides that additional boost to their immune system that helps them with their recovery from COVID," Foster said.

And there’s a shortage right now. So, the Red Cross asking anyone who’s recovered from a documented case of COVID to donate their plasma. 

"Then it's routed to the hospitals that need to them the most to immediately use then with existing, current COVID patients," Foster said.

Something to sweeten the donating deal - if you donate convalescent plasma in January you’re entered to win that coveted NFL package. It includes two tickets to the big game, roundtrip airfare, your hotel stay and $500 spending money. 

And if you can make an appointment to donate plasma by January 20, you'll also have a chance at winning a 62-inch TV and $500.

"I would love for both of those packages to go to someone right here in southeast Michigan," Foster said.

You can get more information on plasma donation or make your appointment online here