Amid Michigan's soaring COVID numbers, is it safe to get together for Thanksgiving?

Michigan's COVID-19 numbers are the highest in the nation and with Thanksgiving upon us, people may wonder how safe it is to gather with friends and family for the holiday. The short answer? Be smart.

As the holiday season arrives, doctors are calling on people to play it safe this Thanksgiving and into December as well.

"We’re certainly not going to say to people don’t travel and don't go see your loved ones. We're not going to tell you don’t travel - but the whole point is to be smart," said Skrzynski. "We are seeing well over a double the amount of patients that we saw, let's say about a month or two ago."

The high infection rate has medical professionals like Skrzynski concerned about the impact holiday gatherings could have on hospital systems across the state.

"When you have large gatherings of people especially now with the numbers being so high in the state - it’s almost inevitable that Covid is going to be there somewhere in the crowds," Skrzynski said.

Doctors are urging everyone to wear a mask, get tested, get vaccinated, and gather outside if possible.

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FILE - Intensive care nurses and specialists are busy caring for COVID-19 patients in the COVID-19 intensive care unit at Dresden Municipal Hospital.