Amputee beaten to death with pipe in SW Detroit

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A shocking crime in southwest Detroit as an amputee is beaten to death with a pipe.

Selvin Williams was found lifeless outside the Vernor Food Center in southwest Detroit.

"It hurts my heart, he didn't do anything," said his mother, Lorenda Williams. "He was laying on his face, blood running from his head."

Detroit police say just after 11 p.m. Tuesday night, Williams who lost one of his arms in a childhood accident, had been outside the store on Vernor and Cabot.

Moments later witnesses say they spotted a man viciously beating Williams with a steel pipe.

"Our community calls us, calls 911 and indicates they're hearing some yelling and what sounds like pinging noises," said Michael Woody, director of Detroit police relations.

Williams' family and witnesses tell FOX 2 the man called Williams "Satan" walked off and came back with the pipe, hitting him in the head. And when Williams tried to get away, he collapsed in the street and they say, that man followed him.

"To go across the street after him and still hit him with a lead pipe over 29 times - that was just brutal," said Rosie Biggs, the victim's aunt.

As police arrived and got the suspect - believed to be mentally ill - to drop the pipe, he was then arrested. But Williams was not moving.

"I wanted to go over there, lift him up, touch him," said Lorenda Williams. "But I couldn't."

When an ambulance arrived, Lorenda Williams realized her son was gone.

"I was in shock," she said. "And I didn't know what happened - or what was going on."

Detroit police say that suspect who is now sitting in jail, would not cooperate and wouldn't even tell officers his name.

Williams' family is asking why him and are remembering him as a gentleman who always kept to himself.

Williams leaves behind a daughter and younger brother and his family is now struggling  to plan a funeral. They said they hope that man realizes all he stole from them.

"I hope he thinks about it each day he sit in that jail cell," said Biggs.

Everyone is welcome to attend a candlelight vigil outside that party store at Vernor and Cabot Thursday night.

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