Angry parents crowd Hamtramck school board with more complaints over books

Another school board meeting in Metro Detroit was accompanied by angry parents upset over certain books that were allowed in the district.

Social media posts that claimed the Hamtramck School District had allowed certain books with inappropriate content had spread prior to the meeting - which board members rejected, saying none of the books mentioned in the posts had been made available to students. 

 "I'm wondering why do our kids need to read this? I don't get the point," said one woman.

"Sex-ed is one subject. Nasty pornographic material that's right here is another subject," said another man.

The gripes that parents brought to the Wednesday board meeting were similar to the complaints hailed against the Dearborn School Board a month prior. Book bans and literature that discusses sexuality have become themes of school board meetings around the U.S. as parents have targeted their complaints at district leaders.

In October, one school board meeting was rescheduled after enough people crowded the building that law enforcement said it was a fire hazard.

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In Hamtramck, the district said it was introducing a new book review process that will include a panel of parents, teachers, and administrators.

"Parents concerned about a book currently available in the district should contact their child's teacher or building leader so that the book can be set aside for review," said Nabil Nagi, the interim superintendent during the meeting. "If the book is determined appropriate by the committee the parent will be presented the option to prevent their child from having access to that title."