Animal rights group files complaint after Detroit kangaroo used in comedy show

New video of a comedian's stunt over the weekend at Joe Louis Arena is going viral and facing some backlash.

It shows a kangaroo that's part of a traveling exotic zoo in Detroit at a comedy show on stage.

This same kangaroo, who belongs to zoo owner Javon Stacks, caused a buzz after Stacks was caught on video walking the kangaroo down a Detroit street last week. (SEE: Man walking kangaroo in Detroit captured on Snap Chat)

Some animal rights activists say the sideshow is no laughing matter. One group has filed a complaint with Detroit Animal Control as well as the USDA.

The kangaroo was filmed at the Mike Epps comedy show at the Joe Louis Arena this past weekend. The comedian is known for his role in the popular movie "The Hangover." The kangaroo was repeatedly picked up during the show and led around on a leash, which is what has animal rights activists upset.

Epps has since apologized for his actions and promised to donate to a Save the Kangaroos campaign.

Stacks insists the kangaroo was not hurt in any way, and that he has the proper licenses to work with animals in this manner.

FOX 2 actually met Stacks and his kangaroo last week. (SEE: Detroit kangaroo seen online, part of local traveling Exotic Zoo)