Ann Arbor Fire Department rescues woman after failed sex fetish stunt on TikTok

The Ann Arbor Fire Department needed the jaws of life and a good sense of humor when they were called to a home after reports of a woman getting stuck.

The woman, an avid user of Tik Tok who gives sex work advice and specializes in certain fetishes, found herself stuck in a folding chair that required a call to the fire department. 

In a clip posted by the account Sydney Jo, several members of the Ann Arbor Fire Department can be seen walking into her residence and seeing a woman caught between the legs of a metal chair. "Oh you did get stuck in there, didn't ya?" one says.

An initial attempt to cut the chair off of her failed, which required a second effort and the Jaws of Life, which is usually reserved for helping people escape a vehicle accident.

A short while later, she was freed and unharmed from the ordeal.

"So firefighters never know what our next incident may involve," wrote the department on Facebook, tagging a story that first reported on the incident. "We appreciate the professionalism and skill of the crew and are grateful the resident was not injured."

In a follow-up video she posted on Tik Tok, the woman explained the kinds of videos she posts, which include the "stuck" fetish. 

"That's probably not the answer you were looking for but I'm glad it made so many of you happy and gave you guys a laugh," she said in response to questions about why she needed rescue from the folding chair from the previous video. "Probably the best Stuck video I've ever made."

The initial video has recorded several hundred thousand likes and thousands of comments since being posted.