Another cellmate comes forward after inmate was found dead in his cell

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Another cellmate is coming forward after William Marshall was found dead in his jail cell when police allegedly beat him and denied him medical attention.

"I was the one who cleaned up Mr. Marshall's blood," Juston Delaforce said.

Delaforce says he was witness to everything that happened in that cell.

"A man on his stomach begging for help and they beat him," he said.

On Dec. 10, Marshall was pulled over for a suspended license when police found marijuana and cocaine on him. The Marshall family's attorney says he had ingested cocaine and desperately needed medical attention.

"This young man was begging holding onto the cell with his hand, begging to be taken to the hospital and he was kicked by the officer, hands were kicked loose from the cell," Attorney Karri Mitchell said.

"Marshall was telling them I'm having a seizure I'm having a seizure they told him he was faking it," Delaforce said.

But Delaforce says:

"You knew something was not right with Mr. Marshall and he needed help," he said.

And while there was little fellow inmates could do, Delaforce says they tried.

"It's sad that I've seen more empathy from alleged criminals helping out a dying man then I did from my own city's police department," he said.

The Michigan State Police are conducting an investigation into Marshall's death.

"If I can do anything to help his family get the justice or at least answers they want, just hope I can help them," Delaforce said.

"Just reliving it, it haunts me watching a dying man ask for help, who was no threat. A man crawling on his stomach doing anything he could, fighting for what little time he had left," Delaforce said.