Antonio's, Roman Village give back to employees, splitting 50 percent of sales for day

One day after indoor dining re-opened with restrictions, employees at Roman Village and Antonios Cucina Italiana are getting lots of recognition for making it through the pandemic. The owners are splitting 50 percent of Tuesday's sales. 

"It's not about the profits it's for the employees," said part-owner Joe Ruggiero.  

"There's such a commitment by the employees to continue to work through this. Some of them could've taken an easier route and they didn't," said Rugiero. "They decided to stick it out and work through it. We're just trying to repay them show them our appreciation." 

FOX 2 stopped by Roman Village in Dearborn where customers ordered their favorite pasta and soup for employee appreciation day. 

'It means a lot that they are coming out making the effort," said Amin Mahmoud Roman Village general manager. "We appreciate the customers because they are the ones that keep us going." 

The Rugerio family, which owns five restaurants across metro Detroit has seen the struggles restaurant workers have faced firsthand. They wanted to give back. their employees are taking notice. 

"I am very appreciative the family has made me feel like family," said Erica Fradye. "The fact that they are doing this during this hard time for them it makes us feel very appreciated and happy."

Patrick Rugerio says their restaurants may not make a profit with the 25 percent capacity limit- but that's not stopping their family from telling employees thank you in their own special way. 

"Today is their day and it's our appreciation for their service to our restaurants and our industry," he said.