Anti-Gordie Howe bridge ad aims to catch Trump's eye

As the battle over the Gordie Howe International bridge to Canada heats up, bridge moguls are putting out an ad in hopes of getting the president's attention.

Mattie Moroun, the owner of the ambassador bridge, is urging President Trump to revoke a permit for the new bridge in order to save American jobs.  And Moroun is making his case in a new TV commercial.  

The ad reportedly only aired in the Washington, D.C. market on Fox and Friends, as the president is known to tune in on occasion.  

"That's what an ad is - it's an offer to do this," Moroun said.

But, State Rep. Stephanie Chang disagrees with Moroun and Bernacci's theory that American jobs will be lost by the building of the Gordie Howe bridge. 

"Literally thousands of jobs will be created both for Michiganders another Americans," she said.

In fact, the Gordie Howe bridge is already created jobs.

"Michigan workers, who are already creating jobs to demolish homes, to relocate utility lines," she said.

Besides, Chang says that President Trump may not be able to legally revoke a permit that was originally signed by President Obama in 2013.  

"Unfortunately there are some entities who will go through as many lengths as possible to try to stop this bridge but this bridge is happening," she said.

There's been no indication from the White House as to whether the president will weigh in on the bridges. But stranger things have happened.

At the end of the day he cannot allow Canada to have anything to do with this bridge," Moroun said.