Anti-Trump protest sparks fiery exchange between supporters, protesters

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump visit Ypsilanti where he spoke to an invitation-only crowd full of auto workers. While the speech sounded like a rallying speech, there were protesters rallying against the president outside.

One of those protesters was Detroit's Abdul El-Sayed,

"To do things like cutting 97% of GL funding and to come to Detroit and to Michigan and celebrate that, I think that is a damn shame," El-Sayed said.

Most of the protesters were rallying against the President and, in particular, his stance on climate change and what they call lies since he's taken office.
"He doesn't believe in climate change. He doesn't listen to the scientists and people who have done all the research to show how it's happening," Edie Robins said.

"I don't believe in his lies - which is 75%, from what I could see and 'I would have one if there were 3 to 5 illegal voters', that  type a thing," Dennis Ringvelski said.

There were pro trump supporters as well, including one fiery exchange from both sides that we can't write about. Watch the video to see the edited version as our cameras rolled.