Apartment floods after fire next door for Pontiac mom of 2

A Pontiac mother's apartment is badly damaged by water after a fire breaks out in the unit next door.

The damage was so bad, her family was forced to move out.

"I need some help to get things rolling because I can't be on the floor with my kids," says Char Freeman whose apartment is flooded.

Freeman called the Fox 2 Problem Solvers.

"I need you all you solve my problem, who else am I going to turn to."

Char is maintaining her sense of humor, but she's frustrated.  Last Tuesday, there was a fire in the apartment next door.

"It busted a pipe and caused my kitchen and basement to flood, so my apartment had water damage."

In addition, a big hole in the wall separates the two apartments at Lancaster Village in Pontiac.

Freeman says the Red Cross and Lancaster Village management  put her and her kids up in a hotel for two nights after the fire.

But after that she says she's been on her own, staying with family members as her apartment dries out.

"They said give them a call Thursday, and they would try and figure it out."

Fox 2 paid a visit to the management office to get some answers and they assured us they would have another unit ready for Freeman and her kids to move into by Friday.

In the meantime,

"My cousin bought me a blow up mattress," says Freeman.  "My son asks me when can we go home so he can play with his toys? The water ruined his scooters, it's hard."