'Appalling' front yard of Detroit home racks up $11K in fines, leaving neighbors livid

Some Detroit residents in one neighborhood are tired of feeling like they live next ot a junkyard.

It looks like a front yard auto body shop on Faust Street for residents on the city's west side.

"It’s an eyesore. It’s like a junkyard over there and it’s not getting any better," said neighbor Martha Thomas. "Every other day we see a Penske truck drive up, and they're emptying out the Penske truck with more things."

Thomas’ nephew also lives on Faust and spoke the mess.

"I’m not moving," said Darrel McCoy. "I thought about it a couple of times selling my house and I stood my ground. I’m not going to sit here and let this person drive me out this neighborhood that I’ve been living in, all my life."

Since this neighbor moved in nearly two years ago, Thomas and her family members have approached them asking him to not only clean up the front yard - but his backyard, also.

"My daughter asked him to please remove some of this stuff but it’s not happening," Thomas said.

Thomas also contacted the City of Detroit and learned tickets have been issued to the property owner.

"And they sent an inspector, his name is Mr. Tay and he also says, 'Well, we gave him another ticket,'" Thomas said.

Neighbors say the problem with issuing tickets and fines is that they often don’t work.

"You’re giving them these tickets but nothing is being done," Thomas said.

"Really if you evict him from the block it would be better, to be truthful," said McCoy. "If we need to sign a petition I will be the first one to sign."

The Fox 2 Problem Solvers went to the neighbor’s home for answers. After not getting a response, we also reached out to the City of Detroit and officials called the condition of the property "appalling."

Officials also issued a statement that reads in part

"We have issued over $11,000 in tickets to the owner. We have given the tenant the weekend to clean up the blight and remove everything from the front yard. If the resident does not comply, they will receive tickets daily until they do.

"If violations persist on Monday, July 10, 2023, we will seek a court order allowing the City of Detroit to remove the blight and charge back the owner of the property and other persons responsible for the removal costs."

These neighbors say they can’t wait to see the change to the neighborhood.

"Mayor if you want people to pay taxes and put more money into their homes, then you need to make sure you are taking care of things like this," McCoy said.