Apple season: can eating one everyday keep the doctor away?

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It is apple season so is it true that an apple a day keep the doctor away?

Dr. Joel Kahn says that the 150-year statement is true.

"There are so many benefits," he said, calling it a 'super food.' "Cholesterol, blood sugar, weight control, bowel movements."

The apple skin has a compound that helps control weight and a chemical that helps with asthma and skin conditions.

The flesh on the inside has anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins as well as fiber which lowers cholesterol.

Kahn also says we are getting polyphenols to rev up our metabolism.

"It may help memory," Kahn said. "There is data that the more apples you eat the less chance Alzheimer's may develop.

"All these wonderful associations from such a simple choice in a school lunch, in a work bag or a brief case."