Aretha Franklin's niece bows out as court battle over Queen of Soul estate rages on

A battle over the estate of Aretha Franklin is continuing in the courts. 

Her niece abruptly resigned as the estate's personal representative. So how much money did the Queen of Soul's estate accumulate? That information was not necessarily offered at Tuesday's probate court hearing. 

"The parties have a right to know, we have a right to know. It's his mother's estate and he's an heir," said Charlene Glover-Hogan, the attorney for Kecalf Franklin, 

The hearing didn't get off to a very good start, but it looks like the estate of Aretha Franklin does have some money in it. 

"The TV series Genius, which we don't have a contract with yet but I think it is supposed to be close," said David Bennett, who represents the former personal rep of the estate. "How do we deal with MGM and how do we deal with other offers."

Although no specifics were mentioned we did learn that the IRS is interested in the Franklin estate as well.

"There are assets in this estate though, that could be liquidated to pay the large creditor which is the IRS," said Bennett.

Some court filings have an IRS debt into the millions of dollars. But before the hearing, Ms. Franklin's niece, Sabrina Garrett-Owens, resigned as personal representative also known as the person that coordinates the estate.  

 "We didn't anticipate this," said Kecalf Franklin. "We are sorry it has taken this long, and we just want the truth to be told."

As a result, the judge is going to have to appoint a new personal representative.  

Judge Jennifer Callaghan also referred to handwritten documents that were found in Miss Franklin's sofa.

"We still have the issue of whether not the documents are wills," Callaghan said.

The judge did order that all the parties go to a mediation - this is an independent lawyer appointed by the judge to settle all of the issues in this estate. If they can't do it, a trial will be held in September. 

"We just want justice to be served," Kecalf Franklin said.

Aretha Franklin performing at the Detroit Lions Thanksgiving game in 2016