Armada police officer thrown down stairs, suffers spinal fracture while serving court order

An Armada police officer sustained a fractured spine, broken ribs, and a busted nose after being thrown down a flight of stairs while on duty.

On Wednesday, two officers were dispatched to a home on Fulton St. in Armada Township to serve a court order for a mental health assessment, according to Armada Police Chief Richard Maierle.

Police were told the suspect was non-violent. However, upon arrival, the man refused to come downstairs to the door, Maierle said. When the officers went upstairs, the suspect physically lifted one of them and threw him over the railing, causing him to fall down the stairs.

During the altercation, the second officer sustained injuries and bruises while dealing with the suspect, but was able to pepper spray him before additional support arrived. 

Maierle said both officers are expected to make a full recovery.

The suspect was arrested with assistance from the Michigan State Police. He is being held at Macomb County Jail, awaiting charges.