Armed man shot by officer while running from Detroit police

Detroit police shot an armed man who refused to drop his gun during a confrontation on the city's west side late Wednesday.

Officers on patrol spotted the man in the area of 7 Mile and Ferguson around 11 p.m. and thought he may have been violating the citywide curfew, so they approached him. Minors 16 and 17 cannot be outside unsupervised after 11 p.m., and those 15 and younger must be inside by 10 p.m.

Police later learned the man was 21, but not until after he fled and was shot by an officer.

According to police, officers chased the man and saw he had a gun. Police said the man was told to drop the gun multiple times but refused. That's when an officer fired multiple shots. The suspect suffered a graze wound and is expected to survive.

"I'm tired of telling the same story - these young people having guns in their hands, they're illegal," DPD Deputy Chief Jacqueline Pritchett said. "The audacity of anyone to have a firearm and attempt to use it on an officer is a shame,"

Michigan State Police will handle the investigation. 

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