Armed robbers steal man's Merle French bulldog on Detroit's west side

A man walking his dog was robbed and his beloved pet was stolen on Detroit's west side Saturday.

A Merle French bulldog was stolen from the man while he was out walking him in a robbery that investigators say was targeted. The Merle's coat is one of the reasons they are in high demand, valued around $5,000 - if not more.

"The dogs are pretty expensive from what we've learned from this owner," said DPD Cmdr. Vernal Newson.

They were walking in the area of Greenfield and Pilgrim - it is the same route they always take which investigators think, helped make the dog a target.

"They approached him, they were armed, they demanded the animal," said Newson.

Two suspects shoved a gun in the victim's face, demanding his wallet, phone and the dog.

The victim ran towards his house and the suspects followed. He was able to get his gun and fire shots in the direction of the armed men, but they got away with his dog.

They escaped in a blue-green Pontiac Grand Prix.

"Since the pandemic, this is something that has taken place quite often," Newson said. "Not just in Detroit or in Michigan, but we have seen it across the nation."

Newson said there is some good video of the suspect's vehicle, which was stolen, and some other clues they are keeping quiet for now.

"We have video in the area and this is a case that we believe we'll bring closure to, soon," he said.