Armed robbery suspect shot 6 times by gas station clerk, sheriff says

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CORRECTION/UPDATE: The Macomb County Sheriff said it would not seek charges against the clerk in this shooting but that decision will ultimately be up to the Macomb County Prosecutor's Office.

The Macomb County Sheriff's Office released new information on the shooting by a gas station clerk who shot an armed robbery suspect Wednesday night.

The sheriff said the clerk, a 25-year-old Detroit man, shot an armed robbery suspect while the man was working at the Mobil gas station at 116 S. Main Street in Mount Clemens Wednesday. According to the sheriff, the worker was legally in possession of the 9mm handgun he used to shoot the suspect when the man tried to rob him.

Deputies say the suspect was wearing a mask when he went into the Mobil and attempted to rob the clerk and customers inside the store. That's when the employee shot him six times. 

The sheriff said the robbery suspect, a 27-year-old black man from Clinton Township, was critically injured in the shooting but is in stable condition. The man was in possession of a .22 revolver and is a possible suspect in other similar crimes. 

Willie Chamble was inside the store when the suspect came in and said he heard at least seven shots go off.

"I saw a young man at the door struggling to get out. He was being shot at quite a few times. I heard at least seven shots go off. He finally struggled out the door and collapsed," Chamble said. "An attendant came out of the side door and had his weapon trained on him. The cops pulled up and the attendant surrendered." 

"I didn’t feel that he should have kept firing his weapon as often as he did. He had already hit the guy, no telling how many times. It seemed to me like he was trying to make sure he really wanted to hurt the guy."

Both guns were recovered at the scene. The identities of both men has not been released.