Armed suspect shot by police in downtown Detroit shootout Saturday night

Detroit police officers were involved in a shooting Saturday night in downtown Detroit.

At around 11:45 p.m., police heard gunshots and responded to the area of Congress Street and Brush Street. There was a shootout between multiple people at that location, according to police.

Frank Jenkins works in the area and also heard the gunshots.

"Just flagging… trying to get cars in the lot, just hear shots rang out."

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Detroit police said the officers took cover for their own safety as shots were being fired from multiple directions.

"Unfortunately, we have individuals that feel like they don’t know how to channel that energy … that anger whatever," Jenkins said.

"At this time, the information available to the Department suggests that in response to this situation, the involved officers fired shots in the course of defending themselves and others at the location," said the Detroit Police Department in a press release.

Three people were shot at the location, but only one suspect is believed to have been shot by DPD personnel, according to DPD.

"Don’t nobody win you know what I’m saying … in that situation," Jenkins said.

Dietrich Jones is a security guard at City Market; located feet away from the shooting location. He says the key is to try to stop the violence before it happens.

"Only thing that really deescalates the problem is mace right now. Since I’ve been here, I’ve maced 7 people but it usually works give people time to get here … deterrent is great."

All who were shot were treated at the scene and then taken to nearby hospitals. The injuries were non-life-threatening.

"The Department will be examining all available body camera/video footage to fully understand the circumstances," the Detroit Police Department said in a press release.

Three guns were recovered from the scene.

The shooting is still under investigation and DPD says they will provide updates as it becomes available.

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