Arrest made in murder of man watching Patton Park soccer game

A Detroit father gunned down while watching a soccer game at a local park.

Hundreds of people saw the attack that killed Dennis Rubio at Patton Park and now there is finally an arrest in the case.

"It gives me shivers up my spine cause the last thing he said if anything ever happens to me take care of my son," said Cynthia Thompson, the mother of victim's child. "I said Dennis, nothing is going to happen to you."

It's a premonition that haunts Cynthia Thompson as she thinks about what Dennis Rubio, the father of her 2-year-old son, told her days before he was shot and killed at Detroit Park earlier this month.

"I have cried so much  I can’t cry any more, I just want my son to know his dad loved him so much," Thompson said.

For nearly a week Detroit police investigated the homicide looking for the person who pulled the trigger. Investigators say thanks to good police work and tips, they got a break in the case Thursday night.

"We tracked him down and we utilized headquarter surveillance," said Capt. Constance Slappey, Detroit police. "In order to bring him into custody."

Slappey says she can't release the name of the person they have in custody until after he is arraigned on charges. But sources tell Fox 2 the suspect is Oscar Alvarado-Rodriguez.

"I hope Oscar gets what he deserves and whoever else had anything to do with it," Thompson said.

Thompson says she believes there are other people involved in Dennis Rubio's murder, who was a father of two and she hopes police find all those responsible.

But Detroit police say they have a different take on this investigation

"At this point we don't have any evidence that points that there are any others involved," Slappey said.

Thompson says life and this park will never be the same after that tragic day.

"Patton Park is no longer Patton Park. It's Dennis Park," Thompson said. "That's what I call it now."

For now Thompson says she will work to keep Rubio's memory alive and if she had one chance to see him again she would say:

"You'll never be forgotten."