Arrests made after armed man chases neighbor into school parking lot

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A man - with a gun was seen chasing another man across school property.

He told police he was just going after the guy who broke into his home. The suspect got away-- but not for long.

FOX 2 was on the east side working another on another story when squad cars raced by with lights and sirens on, headed to Davis Aerospace Technical High School. But the chase did not end there.

"The run came into us, law enforcement, as a shooting at a school," said Cmdr. Elvin Barren, Detroit police. " As we gathered more information  (we heard) it was a shooting in the parking lot is how it came down."

Detroit police and school public safety officers raced to the scene and Davis Aerospace Golightly campus was locked down at Jefferson near Conner.

Witnesses saw one man - armed with a shotgun - chase another man into the school parking lot.

"The guy said 'shoot me, shoot me, shoot me,'" said witness Chester Harris.

"They (were) fist fighting out here," said another witness. "They said he's tired of him breaking into his house."

"She said 'get out of the way, he's got a gun' and he had a shotgun," Harris said.

A retired Detroit police officer was working security nearby saw what was happening.

"He (asked if the guy had) a gun, we said yes  and he said 'I'm a cop' and he had his Glock in his hand," Harris said.

He pulled his gun and disarming one of the two men, but the other guy ran off. It turns out the first man claims he was the actual victim and said the other man is a neighbor who had kicked in his door while armed. This man claims he wrestled the gun away from his neighbor and chased him down in self-defense.

Police searched for him in the air and on the ground - the chopper pilot spotting a man who matched his appearance and was taken into custody - only to learn - he's not their guy.

Police and special response raced to Jefferson Square Apartments where the dispute between neighbors first started. Before long, their suspect pulls in with a couple of other guys - and was taken into custody.

Detroit police are still trying to sort it all out. The whole dispute between the men may have started because their daughters are fighting - but police say, fortunately no shots were fired and there were no injuries.