Arts Academy in The Woods in Fraser evacuated, 12 students hospitalized

Arts Academy in The Woods in Fraser is currently evacuated after several students were mysteriously feeling ill and have been sent to the hospital.

Twelve students were transported to the hospital, as well we two teachers. A fire official initially told us 20 students were hospitalized. Other students were being checked out in the back of an ambulance but did not require hospitalization.

The cause of the sickness has not yet been determined. Air quality professionals tested for carbon monoxide but say that was not the cause. School officials said they believe that something was brought into the classrom - like pepper spray - and caused the reactions.

Students were complaining of watery eyes and vomiting, and said there was a strong odor of sawdust. 

Arts Academy in The Woods is located on Caroline Street at Masonic Boulevard at Utica Road. The students there are high-school aged.

The severity of the students' illness is not known at this time. SkyFOX flew over the scene and at least one ambulance can be seen at the school. Several students are also waiting out on the lawn.