Attorney for woman suing for alleged MSU basketball rape talks about case

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On the heels of the Larry Nassar case, another woman has come forward claiming Michigan State University mishandled her claims of sexual assault. 

In a lawsuit, she accuses three MSU basketball players of rape in 2015 and claims when she went to the Michigan State Counseling Center staff - they made it clear that if she reported it to police, she "faced an uphill battle that would create anxiety and unwanted media attention."

Her attorney Karen Truszkowski says they have proof of that visit. 

"We have personal records, yes. We have records that are in possession of the university, yes."

The lawsuit doesn't list the names of the three basketball players because she never went to police, so no criminal charges were filed.

According to the lawsuit, the alleged sexual assault happened at Harper's Bar in East Lansing in April of 2015. A player offered to buy her a drink and asked her if she wanted to meet other guys from the basketball team at a party. She went with him to an off-campus apartment, but there was no party -- and she claimed it didn't take long for her to feel drugged and "discombobulated."

The first player then pulled her into a bedroom and told her "you are mine for the night." The woman claims she was thrown face down on the bed where the three players took turns raping her.

One week later she reported it to the MSU Counseling Center, which she claims told her they have seen a lot of these cases with "guys with big names" and the best thing to do is to "just get yourself better."

"When she went to the counseling center, she was discouraged to the point where she was totally frightened and didn't feel like that was a viable option for her," Truszkowski said.

The lawsuit states the student became so traumatized and depressed by that exchange, she dropped out of MSU even explaining to officials she had been raped and had been suffering emotionally ever since.

Nearly a year later the woman resumed classes at MSU, but to date her attorney claims that the university has done nothing. 

"One of along litany of things that have taken place and it doesn't fare well for them," Truszkowski said. "Now we have to wait to see what MSU's response is going to be. We can't really do anything until MSU responds."

FOX 2 contacted Michigan State but was told the school had no comment.