Attorney is giving away a free divorce to a lucky, unlucky couple

There are car giveaways, money giveaways and now divorce giveaways? A local law firm wants to help a couple out by helping them split up for free.

Akiva Goldman is the attorney giving away a free divorce to a lucky, unlucky couple.

"People will call me up and say, my husband, is the biggest loser. He is a terrible guy. And I'll say how long have you been married? And she'll say was 18 years,"  he said. "The healing begins right here."

So that is why attorney, Akiva Goldman, is giving away a free divorce to a deserving person.

"The pandemic hopefully it's coming to an end and this is what we do for the community," Goldman said.

Basically, one lucky winner will be chosen for the free divorce.  To enter the contest - answer this simple question, why do I need a free divorce?  

But, beware-- attorney Goldman is a pretty tough judge, as he reads some early entries.   And make sure you're clear on exactly what you want when talking to a divorce lawyer.  

Attorney Akiva Goldman

And make sure you have a good reason for your divorce.

So you still have a chance, Goldman said he will review entries for the next 90 days. If you think you have a good case for a free divorce, go to