Auto thieves steal 100 keys from used car lot, arrested after police chase

Two young Detroit men were arrested after a brief chase about a quarter of a mile by police of a damaged vehicle with smoke coming out of it. 

The suspects jumped from the car while it was still moving, leading to a foot pursuit, ending with a 20-year-old and 17-year-old arrested in connection to a car theft ring. Police are still looking for more suspects and for the two vehicles that were stolen.

Andy's Auto Sales in Warren was the target, according to police. It has about 100 cars on its Van Dyke auto lot.

"Unfortunately this is the second time in two weeks we got hit," said Manager George Porto. the first time they took a set of rims and stereo equipment off a classic car. Today they stole all the keys to every car here."

"They were going to take every car off that lot that they could," said Executive Lt. David Kriss, Warren police.

Luckily they only were able to steal a 2015 Town and Country minivan and a 2013 Dodge Charger R/T. Their plan was foiled thanks to the dealership's alarm system.

"When we got here at 3 a.m. in the morning, there was no electricity, everything was done, they had torn the alarm off the wall," said Porto.

And when police got there, they started chasing two separate vehicles. One of them got away, but the other one crashed.

"They went off the road and damaged the vehicle," Kriss said.

"When we look at our video stuff, at the time of night all you see is shadows, we haven't found a frame with a face on it yet," Porto said. "All we can do is move forward, recoup what we lost and keep selling cars to the people.

"We'll be secure again, and we'll be open to the public. He's been here 30 years, he's not going anywhere."